Companies With Subsidiaries

Managing Subsidiaries With Cloud ERP

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld

A Unified Company Accounting System that Provides Real-Time Visibility at the Local, Regional and Headquarters Levels

For companies with subsidiaries operating in the digital age, the flow of data, and managing business processes can get overwhelming. A large chunk of time is often spent on managing data from disparate systems, and this poses the biggest stumbling block, thwarting smooth operations, and taking away vital time from you doing what you do best, doing business.

In addition to this, there are various country-specific regulatory requirements that companies with subsidiaries need to adhere to. What is needed is a system that can be easily configured to meet different financial reporting needs that comes with operating with different currencies and exchange rates.

The Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is tailored specifically to meet the demands of running companies with subsidiaries. If you are a company with subsidiaries, here’s why you should implement the Oracle NetSuite OneWorld:

Cloud Financial Management for Companies with Subsidiaries

The Oracle NetSuite OneWorld Financials is a cloud financial management solution that can be adjusted for currency, language, taxation, and legal compliance differences to suit the country you are operating in.

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld has been deployed across more than 200 countries and dependent territories worldwide. It supports 27 different languages and covers over 90 bank payment formats. In addition to this, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld also covers 190 currencies, with over 100 countries supported for taxes and reporting.

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld also provides you with multi-company financial consolidation in real time by bringing together and integrating your order management, inventory, CRM systems, and a whole host of other applications, cutting across all your subsidiaries.

Companies With Subsidiaries

Unprecedented, Real-Time Visibility

In an increasingly disruptive business environment, companies with subsidiaries need unprecedented visibility of all the components in their business to make strategic decisions and ensure efficient operations.

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld addresses these challenges by bringing together disparate systems, cutting across subsidiaries, and delivering a consolidated real-time 360-degree real-time view of your business.

Having a 360-degree view of your business in real-time does not only ensure efficient operations but also holds the key to unlocking new business insights to help your business grow.

Companies With Subsidiaries

Access From Anywhere, Anytime

The Covid-19 pandemic emphasised more than ever, the need for companies to have systems that are accessible anywhere, at anytime, provided there is internet connection.

With Oracle NetSuite OneWorld, business executives can monitor business operations from the comforts of their homes, and even on their mobile devices. This is especially beneficial for project-based businesses whose executives can keep abreast of the progress of their respective projects from the comforts of their mobile devices.

Companies With Subsidiaries

Eliminate Costly Expenditure On In-House IT Personnel

One of the beauties of running a business in the digital age is the reduction in IT costs. This is especially more pronounced for companies with subsidiaries. The cost of hiring in-house IT personnel for to manage the operations systems of each subsidiaries can be extremely high.

With Oracle NetSuite OneWorld, your IT complexities will be handled by some of the most highly skilled IT consultants, and you can focus on doing business.

Companies With Subsidiaries

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Oracle NetSuite OneWorld

If you are a company with multiple subsidiaries, you need a system that delivers total visibility of your business. Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is tailored precisely to handle multi-subsidiary businesses. Oracle NetSuite OneWorld delivers a real-time 360-degree view of every single entity in your business.

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