Union Book

Union Book is a leading wholesale and retail distributor of high-quality Chinese books in Singapore which originates from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and local publications. Founded in 1952, the company provides a wide range of products and services including stationeries, gifts, souvenirs, library services as well as an online bookstore.

In 2013, the company successfully implemented Oracle NetSuite for wholesale and distribution. This allows each department to access information in real-time that can be used to help their decision-makers to quickly act upon both adverse and favourable performance indicators.

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Union Book
Singapore, Singapore
  • Wholesale and retail distributor
  • Distribution business
Oracle NetSuite
Challenges Faced
  • Difficult to flag up issues effectively
  • Cannot be synchronised or updated in real-time
Customer Success
  • Allows each department to access information in real-time
  • Having timely, reliable reports and data across departments
  • Reducing IT costs and gaining total visibility within the organisations

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What they say

“After using NetSuite, we integrated our financial and inventory system which provides timely reports on our inventory and sales. This, in turn, allows the company’s management to make better decisions.”Yap Chia Wei, Union Book Manager

Union Book