Financial Systems To Support High Growth FinTech Companies

PS Webinar 27/01/21

Despite the challenges that 2020 posed to countries, and individuals across Asia Pacific, the FinTech industry was among the few bright spots. Across the region, billions of individuals and companies moved digital, a trend accelerated by the pandemic. Indeed, FinTech is one of the few sectors of the economy which has grown.

Most FinTechs nowadays are concerned with developing their competitive advantages and also keeping their financial houses in place. However policy seems to be evolving and businesses need to keep up with the changes before expanding with the aid of a business management framework, more and more FinTechs are looking to ‘gear up’.

A cloud-based finance management solution that is scalable that assists FinTech businesses to automate and consolidate business processes across all divisions, countries and continents would benefit a lot to most FinTech businesses.

NetSuite is well-suited to helping FinTech businesses like your company face their biggest challenges, from process management to digitised accounting to financial consolidation in multiple currencies.

The benefits of NetSuite for FinTechs include:

  • Digitised accounting 
  • Remote access
  • Financial consolidation in multiple currencies 
  • Meeting compliance requirements within your operating regions

It is not unheard of to experience improvements in 360-degree visibility, order process performance, productivity, reporting time, time to close, audit completion, and IT support resources for FinTech companies using NetSuite. 

Simply, FinTech business can be transformed by NetSuite. From small to medium-sized businesses and businesses looking to improve growth, profitability and productivity, it is perfect.

Join us in our webinar to learn more about how “Financial Systems to Support High Growth FinTech Companies” on Wednesday, 27 January 2021.


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