How To Manage Uncertainties And Sustain Businesses During The Pandemic Era

Webinar 25 November 2020

The Coronavirus has greatly affected the way businesses and consumers are behaving. The black swan event has become a catalyst of growth to some companies, while at the same time, a demise to some poorly run companies. While the full economic impacts of this pandemic are still unknown, we are already seeing changes precipitating across the industries, most importantly it accelerates the true digital transformation.

It changes the way the businesses reach out to its consumers, whether through various ecommerce, social media or other digital advertising platforms, or just simply an act of solidarity. Businesses are also required to facilitate remote working for its employees, and many have come to a realization that it has actually improved productivity.

PointStar Consulting and Oracle NetSuite are looking to share the experience in helping many clients weathered through this pandemic, while preparing for a leap when normality returns. Come join us on our webinar and find out how companies distinguish themselves, and adapt to rapidly changing market environments. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, 25 November 2020 at 11.00 AM SGT.


Great Oracle Netsuite ERP deal awaits participants who attend the webinar!

Why B2B Companies are Going D2C and How They’re Doing It

Presented by: William Chaylis, Regional Head of ERP Sales

Long after ecommerce first upended the retail landscape, the aftershocks continue to impact the outlook and strategy of manufacturers, distributors and retailers. One recent aftershock is the rising appeal of direct-to-consumer sales, which is a notable departure from the proven model that business-to-business product companies followed for many decades.

Ecommerce makes it relatively simple to launch a D2C channel. Any company can now build an ecommerce site, list its products for sale and start building a customer base. It’s the vehicle that makes this new model possible. Let’s look at the numerous benefits of going D2C, the operational changes required to support it and the technology necessary to manage two distinct channels.

Keys to Performance & Profitability for Solution Providers

Presented by: Rajasegaran Poobalan, Sales Manager

Challenges abound in the traditional solution provider business with declining product margins, increasing competition, faster technology obsolescence and more complex client requirements. Solution providers often struggle to maintain profitability of projects and product sales, and limited insight into accurate and timely financial data.

At the same time, they compete in a fast-paced industry in which their clients expect seamlessness, precision and an up-to-date and accurate view of their projects and orders. To answer these challenges, solution providers must simultaneously manage multiple revenue streams—services, products, managed services and support contracts; each requiring different financial and business models.

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