Kartika Inti Sejati Improves Productivity With Oracle NetSuite ERP

CS-Kartika Inti Sejati

Kartika Inti Sejati Improves Productivity With Oracle NetSuite ERP

In 2005, Kartika Inti Sejati was established in Bandung, Indonesia to produce high-quality bakery and confectionery products. As a subsidiary of Kartika Sari, the company provides a diverse product such as bagelen (sweet dried bread), almond cookies, Indonesian butter cookies, cheese sticks, and all products from Kartika Sari’s in-house recipes – with long shelf life typically more than 3 months. All their products comply with international standards such as halal certification and ISO 22000. Through their commitment to quality, they strive to exceed expectations and be a leader in the business locally and globally with Oracle NetSuite.

“Since going live, NetSuite has helped our business, for example, all departments can now access real-time data. The silo mentality has been broken when making decisions, so each department can cooperate effectively.” 


Previously Kartika Inti Sejati relied heavily on manual work in finance and logistic activities. The system lacked deeper functionality required to support the company’s ambitious growth plans and the team’s productivity. Data reporting was often delayed and they found difficulty in analysing the data on hand. As a result, they can’t execute and make decisions which can drive a real competitive advantage.

When their business grew, they tried to develop an integration program to enable communication between departments. But it had a lot of bugs and they were not able to get real-time data reporting. In addition, the system had been too costly and complex, and they decided to shift to Oracle NetSuite in 2017.

With Oracle NetSuite, they can customise the system to meet their business requirements and improve communication between departments. It is a web-based platform, so all departments can easily access real-time data from their favourite device. Their team also reduced cycle time and cost with Oracle NetSuite which is fully integrated and has an easy-to-use reporting platform.

In Kartika Inti Sejati, all logistic activities such as material handling, warehousing and distribution planning are using Oracle NetSuite. It opens up a wide array of communication channel for staff and allowed them to cooperate effectively and share ideas when making decisions. Implementing Oracle NetSuite allows them to highly control all logistics activity and reduce errors that improve productivity.

“PointStar is the solution partner that implemented NetSuite for us. They’re really helpful because the support team is always ready 24/7 and have provided our team thorough explanations for the program.


PointStar as a 5-star Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner has helped Kartika Inti Sejati to grow their business through this cloud ERP program. The PointStar team is made up of a group of talented, passionate individuals who each bring a mix of skills, experience and ambition to grow and succeed to the table. 

Oracle NetSuite Implementation

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