Oracle NetSuite for Retail/e-Commerce

Oracle NetSuite for Retail/e-Commerce

With an end-to-end solution and a single trade cloud platform that combines electronic commerce, Pos and order management with back-office systems, Oracle NetSuite offers retailers the ability to meet these expectations. Whether you are a multi-channel, brand, or business model retailer that sells across multiple regions and countries, Oracle NetSuite for Retail/e-Commerce allows you to manage your whole business unified by a single cloud system, everywhere and anytime.

“Disruptions inevitably lead to an overload of sometimes-contradictory information in the time of COVID-19. With Oracle NetSuite, we are able to operate remotely, capture and report all the financial data and information on time and for decision making.”

Loh Toi Meei, FashionValet -Loh Toi Meei, Chief Financial Officer at FashionValet-

Oracle NetSuite mobile cloud-based solutions allow retailers of all kinds and sizes not to handle the complexities of traditional retail hardware but to innovate and concentrate on increasing profits and pleasing customers.

Your company must adapt as shoppers and industry dictate change. With cloud-specific solutions designed and tailored to your based retail needs, Oracle NetSuite will help you to test your retail company in the future and allow you to quickly and easily add new platforms, geographical areas, business models and brands. The unified system of Oracle NetSuite offers in-depth insights into customers, stocks, sales and financial services in real-time and helps to grow businesses and profits.

Don’t let technology stop you from innovating and improving your business. You have to satisfy your consumers in a fast-moving market and differentiate your brand. Oracle NetSuite provides a 360-degree overview of customers, products and contracts across all channels to help you understand, connect with and segment your customers. And don’t worry about lock-up, this is a matter of the past. Your settings and modifications will be automatically migrated with each Oracle NetSuite update.

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PointStar is a 5 Star NetSuite partner with more than 10 years of experience with a focus on delivering Oracle NetSuite solutions to customers in Asia. We have successfully implemented Oracle NetSuite projects over various industry verticals with a strong focus on Retail, eCommerce and Omnichannel solutions.

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