The Closet Lover

A leading Fashion retailer in Singapore

The Closet Lover

The Closet Lover is a fast-growing Singapore-based fashion retail outlet. It is an innovation-driven brand that offers comfortable yet classy design pieces that celebrate and uplift women.

Cognisant of the role of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model in greasing the wheels of operation for high-growth businesses, The Closet Lover has always leveraged cloud technology to address different pain points

For The Closet Lover, its ability to deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience is predicated on having its POS, third-party logistics (3PL) provider and last-mile delivery partner working in sync with its cloud ERP. 

The Closet Lover enlisted the services of PointStar Consulting to implement Workato. The results have been remarkable, and Workato has helped The Closet Lover achieve operational efficiency.

Solution: Workato

The Closet Lover
The Closet Lover
Singapore, Cambodia
  • Omnichannel Fashion retailer
  • Workato

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What they say

“Partnering with PointStar Consulting was a key factor in the successful implementation of Workato and enabled the company (The Closet Lover) to work through Covid-19 without any disruptions to internal logistical planning,” says Glen.Glen Yeo, Finance Manager, The Closet Lover