Redefine Onboarding

How to Redefine Onboarding Excellence

The key to onboarding excellence lies in streamlining all the processes involved before, during, and after recruitment. Ready to redefine onboarding...

the future of iPaaS

How to Adapt Your Business to the Future of iPaaS

Workato, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider, enables businesses to connect different applications and systems and facilitates the...

HR and People Operations

How Workato Can Supercharge Your HR & People Operations

You're only as good as the people you hire... and RETAIN! People form the pillar of any organisation and lie at...


The Next Phase of iPaaS

Many rooms, but not a home The different stacks of best-of-breed solutions used by a business can resemble a land filled...


Order-to-Cash Automation 101

Cash is king, or so goes the saying. In the business world, this phrase has added significance. A smooth flow of...


Why Integration Led-Automation is the Future of iPaaS

Enterprise IT environments are becoming convoluted, requiring frictionless high-speed data exchange. At times when traditional approaches of app integration fall...

NS for Private Equity Services

NetSuite Private Equity Services Practice

In a highly volatile and disruptive business world, private equity businesses must equip themselves and their portfolio companies with the...

Venture Capital Backed Companies

NetSuite for Venture Capital-Backed Companies

For start-ups on the cusp of growth, raising funds through private equities can go a long way towards ensuring adequate...

Manufacturing Companies

The Value Of A True Cloud ERP Platform For Manufacturing Companies

Situasi pandemi dan geopolitik dunia telah mendorong industri manufaktur untuk mengadopsi teknologi cloud untuk bertahan di lingkungan bisnis yang disruptif...

Unifying Financials And Inventory

Unifying Financials And Inventory

Why Distributors are Moving to NetSuite As a starter system, QuickBooks is a logical and economical choice. At a high level,...

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