Willingness to Leverage the Best in Cloud Technology Underpins Ninja Van’s Meteoric Rise

Ninja Van

For a company founded just nine years ago, Ninja Van’s rise to become a unicorn has been nothing short of meteoric. Not many would have imagined that an innocuous foray by its founders into the e-commerce world through a men’s fashion line would eventually unearth one of Southeast Asia’s biggest logistics companies.

From its beginnings, it has been apparent that Ninja Van is a beneficiary of its founders’ unwavering commitment towards leveraging the latest and best in cloud technology to fuel its growth. In 2014, Ninja Van became the first logistics company in Singapore to provide customers with real-time tracking of their parcels.

Headquartered in Singapore, Ninja Van has undergone rapid expansion since its inception in 2014, with subsidiaries in seven countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

One unifying theme prevalent among unicorns like Ninja Van would be the mountainous stack of different best-in-class cloud solutions used to address different business pain points. As is customary for a tech-driven business that uses industry-leading solutions to stay ahead of the competition, Ninja Van chose Workato to integrate its stack and automate its workflows.

Less than a year following its decision to pick Workato to integrate its stack and introduce workflow automation, Ninja Van is reaping the fruits of its decision. The time taken to build custom integration has been reduced from 200+ hours before to just around four hours with Workato now.

Workato’s cloud-based integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) model enables the integration of stacks all under a single platform. According to Ninja Van, data transparency between two different solutions has improved and the time needed for report preparation has been reduced to just two days since the implementation of Workato.

As with the implementation of any cloud IT solutions in enterprises, choosing the right partner hold the key towards unlocking the full benefits on offer. For the implementation of Workato, Ninja Van chose PointStar Consulting to roll out its automation initiative.

“Partnering with Workato and PointStar Consulting was a key factor in enabling our business growth and expansion into new territories. Rolling out Workato helped democratise process flow management by enabling end users to initiate integration and specify rules for automation,” says Wayne Goh, who is Ninja Van’s Regional Head of Financial Systems.

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