Your vision. Your software. We just build it. is an artificial intelligence-powered software development engine that helps businesses develop the applications they need, exactly how they need them, without requiring technical knowledge.

Businesses in niche markets, and those that are highly innovative may often find out-of-the-box solutions available in the market lacking features that they need and full of features that they don’t. helps address this problem by allowing you to choose the specific functionalities required for your business

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Builder Studio

Kickstart your project by speaking with Builder Studio’s world’s first AI project manager, Natasha. You do not need any technical knowledge. All you need to do is communicate your idea of the application you need with the required features.

You can either communicate with Natasha on your software idea or select from Builder Studio’s library of templates to get started.

When you select the features required for your application, Builder Studio’s AI builds your desired software brick by brick, like lego blocks. You can also avail yourself of a clickable prototype.

Specify a deadline by which you hope for your software to be up and running and which platforms (iOS, Android, etc) would you like to have it on and an accurate timeline and cost shall be given to you. prides itself on its 95% success rate, and also its usage of AI which ensures there will never be issues such as cost-overruns.

It is common to have new customisation ideas for an application once you discuss it with your team. The AI-powered Natasha helps match you with subject matter specialists in the form of human software developers who then fine-tune your application, accommodate customisations and prime your software for delivery and launch.

Builder Now

If you are an innovator with great ideas, undertaking app development initiatives before you get funding or shareholders’ approval can be a daunting process. Builder Now enables you to build a prototype first to envision your end product.

With a substantial list of templates, you can create a clickable mockup of your envisioned software in just 10 minutes.

Once you have the prototype, you can share it with your shareholder, funders, or business partners to gather feedback.

Based on feedback you can now proceed to built your app with a timeline leading up to its launch.

Studio Store’s Studio Store option allows you to build your own e-commerce website and phone application for your customers. If you are a business owner who is growing weary of having your margins cut due to the commissions that go towards being featured on popular marketplaces, Studio Store is the perfect solution for you.

Through the list of available templates and pre-packaged apps, you can choose the features that you would like for your online store and define the category according to your area of retail, such as a restaurant, a grocery store, or a food delivery service.

You can start designing your store based on your product information and preferences. will proceed to quickly build your store and you can go live in as quick as in two days with both your website and phone application.

When you choose, you are choosing an option that is agile. As your business grows, you can customise and add features to your app at any time.

Studio Rapid

If you are an enterprise with multiple systems forming your stack of best-in-class solutions, you may find out-of-the-box app applications difficult to integrate into your stack.’s Studio Rapid enables you to create native applications quickly. You can have an industrial grade application in just under a day, before you proceed to do your testing and launch it within a four-week period.

Studio Rapid has Application Programming Interface (API) mapping that fits in nicely with other applications or software solutions you may be using, such as Oracle NetSuite, Shopify, Excel, and a whole lot more. Studio Rapid also provides a highly secure environment for data and it also specialises in the creation of fully native apps. Updates take place in real-time, with no technical knowledge required.

Bring Your Idea To Life With Our No-Code App Building Platform, Studio Pro.

Builder Studio

Solutions For Business

Business Sizes

Whether you are a multinational enterprise, a conglomerate, or a small and medium enterprise,’s “no tech knowledge required” app development platform is one that is catered for businesses of all sizes. In fact, the Studio Store solution is catered towards entrepreneurs who are beginning their business adventure.


Solutions such as’s Studio Rapid are ones that are primed for big businesses who need native solutions that would easily map with the API of their main core systems. In addition to this, also goes a long way towards removing the obstacles that can stand in the way for big enterprises when they try to innovate. With you can bring your ideas and concepts into life using the powerful AI-assisted application building platform.

Small Medium Business

If you are a small and medium business who is taking the next step in your business expansion, by expanding your presence online, gives you a perfect platform upon which you can build your website and app quickly while not having to worry about chunks of your earning needs to be given marketplaces when you operate in popular e-commerce platforms.


When you are charting your course as an innovative entrepreneur with a great problem-solving idea, there can sometimes be many stumbling blocks in your way. One key concern comes with the development of your app for your business. This is a process that can often seem very complex and pricey.

However, helps entrepreneurs alleviate this problem by offering an AI-driven app development engine that is equipped with robust functionalities and does not require you to be technically proficient. With guaranteed pricing and a set timeline generated by the AI, the chances of mistakes are low, the cost does not fluctuate, and the end product is one that you will own.

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