Find Out How Much You Need To Invest In An ERP

Businesses from a wide range of industries can have a better understanding of a cloud ERP system, and how much it costs, helping them make an informed decision.

What We Do

For over 11 years now we have helped businesses realise the benefits of the cloud through the execution of cloud ERP systems and workflow automation solutions. We offer solutions for businesses on the upward growth trajectory in a wide range of industries, from retail, fintech, construction, manufacturing, to warehouse management and many more.

Leading cloud services provider

Leading cloud services provider

Skilled Cloud Consultants

Skilled cloud ERP consultants

End to end customer support

End to end customer support

Experts in omnichannel retail

Experts in omnichannel retail

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Our Solutions & Services

We offer a wide array of services and solutions, and below are some of our key offerings:

High Growth Business

Find out how unicorns like ProperyGuru, Carsome, and Carousell have benefitted from the solutions we offer.

multi company consolidation

Managing Subsidiaries

For businesses with subsidiaries, we offer solutions that provide you with financial consolidation, and give you a 360-degree view of your business.

api management

API Management

Tired of having to manage disparate systems and the lack of unified data? Fret not, you're at just the right place.

Business Process Automation

Cloud Application Deployment

In the digital age, businesses need to respond swiftly to changes. Manual business processes will hold you back. Find out how you can enable automation in scale.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Migration Strategy

When undertaking digital transformation do you make a clean break with the past or do you keep things that have served you well? Speak to us and find out what suits your business best.

Business Requirement Discovery

Business Requirement Discovery

The business requirement discovery process is one that is long and iterative, with definite phases. When executed well, it ushers in a period of sustainable and profitable growth for your business.

What Our Customers Say

At PointStar Consulting, customer satisfaction is very important to us. See the results of our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey and key customer testimonials on how we build strong working relationships with an understanding of individual needs and market knowledge.

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