Cloud User Adoption

When a company undertakes a digital transformation initiative, it is of paramount importance that its staff are at the heart of the migration efforts as they are the users of the system. Employees in an organisation may have different levels of IT savviness. Thus it is important to craft a plan that is inclusive of all your employees from key departments and functions.


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Cloud ERP

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Stages in a Cloud User Adoption Plan

Cloud User Adoption


Regardless of whether you are transitioning from legacy systems to cloud, or from one cloud provider to another, it is important to assess unique needs of your organisation. This process should include the participation of staff from different departments.

cloud user adoption


Once you gain the feedback of the staff and identify the right system, then you lay down the plan for the execution of the new systems. IT leaders need to choose the products that best match the business needs. Before engaging with different departments on the planned roll out of the new system.

cloud user adoption

Communicate & Convince

Just as important as it is to undertake digital transformation and to embrace the cloud. Failure to convince your employees of the need for change risks derailing the whole project. Getting the buy-in of your staff is crucial, and convincing them of the merits of the new system will go a long way towards easing the pain during training when attitude determines how quickly a system can be rolled out.

cloud user adoption


As the progress in the implementation of the new system gathers steam, businesses will need to start training their employees. Commissioning the services of renowned IT vendors in your region goes a long way towards ensuring the success of initiative such as training prior to the rollout of new systems.

cloud user adoption


Before the system is executed, IT executives of businesses should put in place risk mitigation plans in the event there is a disruption. IT executives, above everyone else should have the requisite knowledge of the servers, systems, data storage and other key components in your business operations.

cloud user adoption


Post-implementation, an encouraged practice would be to engage with heads of departments to gauge the stability of the system and rectify teething problems that may afflict the new system. This optimisation stage is also one where lessons are learned, and important to take heed of them.

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