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Manufacturing Solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed supply chain issues that manufacturing companies face in the event of a lockdown. Manufacturers who are equipped with robust systems with predictive, and forecasting capabilities built on cloud stand a better chance of surviving than businesses that are still operating on legacy systems.

PointStar Consulting offers a suite of manufacturing solutions that helps you plan, record, track and control your output. Our solutions provide you with the flexibility for customisation that is enabled by its cloud architecture. PointStar Consulting’s manufacturing solutions help you manage your supply chain and manufacturing process regardless of where you are located.

Features of Our Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions


The suite of manufacturing solutions offered by PointStar Consulting delivers a real-time 360-degree view of your customers. We also offer solutions that provide your manufacturing business with a seamless flow of information cutting across the entire customer lifecycle. From lead through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support.

Manufacturing Solutions

Easy Low-Code/No-Code Integrations

Manufacturing businesses often deal with various stakeholders such as distributors, vendors, and suppliers who use different business solutions. Having a dedicated IT team to deal with each and every system you encounter can be a tedious, costly and heavily time consuming process. The systems integrations solution we offer provides manufacturing businesses with easy low-code/no-code integrations that in turn enable workflow automation.

Manufacturing Solutions

Product Data Management

The solutions PointStar Consulting offers to manufacturing companies is catered towards product-based businesses. And comes equipped with robust functionalities to help you create and manage master data that is critical in the running of a manufacturing, entailing items, customers, partners and vendors.

Manufacturing Solutions

Order Management

In a fast-paced, digital business environment, you need solutions that can help you respond swiftly to consumer demands. Our solutions include intelligent order management systems that help you automate order processing, allocation, orchestration, and execution processes that are critical when operating in a global business environment.

Manufacturing Solutions

Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling is now a pivotal component for all manufacturing businesses. Planning and scheduling helps companies to correctly estimate the allocation of resources, operations and processes required in order to create goods and services. PointStar Consulting offers manufacturing software that helps your business perform real-time scheduling which helps your business operate efficiently.

Manufacturing Solutions


For product-based manufacturing businesses, it is of vital importance that key components in the production process are in adequate supply. The recent pandemic only served to further highlight the importance for manufacturing companies to equip themselves with the best that cloud solutions can offer. The manufacturing solutions that we offer help you ensure that your business is equipped with the right materials. At the right time and at the right place.

Manufacturing Solutions

Production Control

With the manufacturing solutions offered by PointStar Consulting. You can create, release, update and monitor work orders throughout your production process. Our software for manufacturing gives your business the flexibility to manage your production process exactly the way you want, in addition to ensuring your production process fits your facilities and data requirements.

Manufacturing Solutions

Supply Chain Management

Hardly a day goes by without news of supply chain bottlenecks causing mayhem in different parts of the world and creating massive inconveniences for customers. In an increasingly uncertain world where Covid-19 is an endemic disease, businesses do not have a choice but to deploy best in class technology that will help them navigate through choppy waters. PointStar Consulting’s solutions for the manufacturing industry ensures that the concept of where your product is manufactured in, and who it is manufactured by, becomes irrelevant. Our solutions give you a global view of all your inventory, regardless of where it is or who it is being consumed by.

Manufacturing Solutions

Shop Floor Control

Shop floor control (SFC) is a set of software that helps manufacturing companies track, schedule, and report on the progress of work in a manufacturing plant. The solutions offered by us will help manufacturing businesses like yours easily gather real-time information from the manufacturing process through user configurable tablet applications that allows users to optimise the system on the fly.

Manufacturing Solutions

Quality Management

Delivering products of the highest quality to your customers is often the purpose of any business, and this requires the combination of company-wide commitment to the cause and the usage of top notch technologies. Our quality management systems come with features that help you define and maintain inspection plans and deliver high quality products with minimal overhead.

Why Choose PointStar Consulting

We are an award winning cloud services provider in the Asian region with over 12 years of experience in implementing cloud ERP projects and other solutions that help businesses realise the benefits of workflow automation. Headquartered in Singapore, PointStar Consulting has since grown rapidly as the leading cloud ERP reseller / cloud ERP vendor and Workato Gold Partner in the Asean and Asia Pacific regions, with clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing

Oracle NetSuite assists suppliers by automating the whole product lifecycle management, as well as the quote-to-cash and plan-to-report procedures.

Integration & Automation

Workato is an integration-led automation tool that helps businesses connect disparate systems without the need for coding and accelerates automation at scale.

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