A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Resource Planning – Fintech

buyer's guide to ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning for Fintech

Enterprise Resource Planning by Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is a robust control, the ability to manage transactions in multiple currencies and across subsidiaries, and lends fintech companies a single view of the truth that allows them to innovate products while empowering insight-driven decisions on partnerships and advancement.

Financial Technology, or Fintech, is experiencing its heyday. As large financial institutions are forced to spend on more on meeting regulatory compliance mandates, they have smaller budget or funding innovation crucial to meeting expending customer expectation. Advances in the technology itself have decentralized the financial services industry from its traditional hubs and open up entirely new markets especially in Europe and Asia.

Fintech businesses can ensure the same degree of effectiveness and creativity in their own business process by implementing a single, cloud-based framework or Enterprise Resource Planning for their financial management.

It’s not surprising, then, that within the next five years, more than 80% of financial institutions plan to increase partnership with fintech companies.

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