Zoku Integrated Commerce

In a fast-paced and highly disruptive retail environment, equally fast-paced and flexible IT systems are required in order for businesses to survive and thrive. Zoku Integrated Commerce has a suite of solutions that encompasses Point of sale (POS) systems, Warehouse and Inventory Management (WIM) Applications, and Omni-Commerce APIs.

Zoku helps retailers consolidate all information from their front-end systems such as POS with their back-end systems such as cloud ERP systems, CRM systems and a whole host of other back-end systems. One of the key strengths of Zoku is that it is specifically designed for Oracle NetSuite as attested to by its recognition as a Built For NetSuite (BFN) solution.


POS System

Zoku’s POS client is a lightweight solution that is equipped to handle complex transactions that is necessary when businesses run omnichannel retail strategies. Zoku’s POS solution is high on functions and handles high transaction volumes whilst operating extremely fast both online and offline.

Zoku is the only third-party POS solution approved worldwide by Oracle NetSuite as Built for NetSuite (BFN). Zoku’s POS client links seamlessly with other POS peripherals such as barcode scanners, printers, kiosks, tablets, and smartphones.

Warehouse and Inventory Management Application

The Zoku Warehouse and Inventory Management (WIM) Application is a cross platform mobile application that enables retailers to facilitate order receipt, transfer, fulfillment, counts as well as manufacturing tasks.

This is an application that is ideal for warehouse operations as well as retail stores. It provides real-time and detailed information on inventory across any location. This application allows omnichannel retailers to manage inventory across all their sales channels.

Omni-Commerce API

Zoku’s Omni-Commerce application allows retailers to integrate their E-commerce stores with their POS system and also their back-end cloud ERP systems. Zoku’s Omni-Commerce solution provides easy APIs for retailers covering E-Commerce engines such as BigCommerce and Shopify.

POS System
Warehouse and Inventory Management Application
Omni-Commerce API

Benefits of Zoku Integrated Commerce

A Single Source

Serves as Single Source of Truth

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility Over
Business Processes


Optimise Workflows

Built for NetSuite (BFN)

Built for NetSuite (BFN)

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