Accentuating the Power of Data through Automation


Rubbish in, rubbish out is a common aphorism used to convey the futility of raw data that is not pruned and enriched yet. With so much information trapped in silos across disparate systems, it becomes a huge challenge to unlock the collective power of data. Silos exist because most organisations use various solutions to manage their different pain points. 

This leads us to the question of how we connect these different software. One way would be through application programming interfaces (API). APIs have existed for decades, yet it is only recently that they have risen to prominence. APIs allow different software to be connected to each other. When connected, different solutions can talk to each other and the sets of data between these solutions start to make sense.

APIs also allow you to dictate the rules that hold together separate solutions. You can initiate automation by specifying conditions which call for the initiation of action between different solutions. What we see from here is that, when you integrate your stack, you can also enable automation. Automation brings multifarious benefits to your business, including helping unlock insights from the data that you now have.

However, one of the long-standing issues with this sort of API-driven integration is that it requires heavy technical knowledge, with complex sets of scripts that need to be written, resulting in a costly process. This is where integration platform as a service (iPaaS) providers like Workato come into the picture.

Workato is a low-code / no-code integration iPaaS services provider that helps businesses integrate their stack, and initiate automation. The allure of Workato lies in its simplicity. You do not require much technical expertise to bring together different systems and set the rules on how these different systems communicate with each other.

By seamlessly integrating applications and automating repetitive processes through Workato, companies can eliminate friction and consolidate data. With a unified view of information, new insights can be derived through analytics tools and data visualisations.

Automation also saves employees from the drudgery of mundane tasks, freeing them to focus on higher-value, strategic initiatives. Removing manual efforts around data collection enables teams to devote time to analysing trends and devising data-led solutions.

With Workato, you can:

Streamline workflows

Workato can help you automate repetitive tasks and connect your applications to create seamless workflows.

Improve data quality

Workato can help you ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across all your applications.

Boost productivity

Workato can help you automate tasks and processes, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

In a Nutshell

Data-led innovation is the key to unlocking competitive advantage and driving sustainable growth. By embracing automation as the starting point, you can empower your team, optimise data-driven processes, and unlock the true potential of your data. Remember, the journey to innovation is just beginning, and automation is the powerful engine that will propel you forward.

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