Information Technology Management

Information Technology

Information Technology Management

The resources of information technology management teams in companies in the digital age would go to waste if they spend their time on administrative issues. The solutions PointStar Consulting offers helps businesses in a highly disruptive global environment to introduce professional services automation (PSA) and give you real-time data to help you deliver strategic benefits.

Features of Our Cloud Solutions for Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management

Low-Code/No-Code Integration

In the age of API integration, you can equip your information technology management teams with best in class software solutions that will save hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent manually developing solutions to integrate different systems. PointStar Consulting offers cloud solutions that help you integrate your stack and automate your workflow.

Information Technology Management

Increased Collaboration

By integrating your stack and having a 360-degree view of the company, you can improve collaboration with executives from other departments.

Information Technology Management

Drop Your Worries on Infrastructure and Security Risks

By virtue of their architecture on full-cloud platforms, our software solutions ensure information technology teams will never have to worry about infrastructure, security risks and downtime.

Why Choose PointStar Consulting

PointStar Consulting is a leading cloud services provider in the Asia Pacific region and has more than 10 years experience in helping companies in Singapore to seamlessly integrate different solutions and automate workflows across their organisations. PointStar Consulting is a 5-Star Oracle NetSuite solution provider and a Workato Gold Partner. PointStar Consulting is headquartered in Singapore, and has offices in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP

Our cloud ERP solution helps businesses automate key financial processes and unlock critical insights key to strategic decision-making.

Integration & Automation

Workato is an integration-led automation tool that helps businesses connect disparate systems without the need for coding and accelerates automation at scale.

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