Manage Your Business Continuity Plan Throughout The Covid–19 Pandemic With Cloud ERP

Manage Your Business Continuity Plan With Cloud ERP

The spread of Covid–19 has disrupted global supply chains and impacted businesses throughout the world. Small and medium enterprises are vulnerable to the looming uncertainties in both supply and demand. More planning is needed to ensure your company continues to function at a high level.

A cloud ERP system allows your companies to gain comprehensive, real-time access to business activities not only in the front office but also in warehouses and on factory floors. 

It has become a fundamental part of modern business continuity plan that enables quicker recovery of your most critical business functions. Uptime is guaranteed, so you can always access your business activities.

Before you get overwhelmed with the possibilities of the impact of Covid–19, let’s break down a few key steps on how a cloud ERP system can improve your business continuity plan.

1. Evaluate business functions

Evaluate Business Function
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Identifying critical business functions are important for continued operations. The teams that represent all critical business functions have to assess the relative importance of business activities and manage them for recovery. 

This will help mitigate the impact of the Covid–19 pandemic on critical business functions and activities. 

A cloud-based ERP system provides access to all your business activities and enables multiple operating systems. Each department has access to a central database which allows them to make impactful business decisions.

2. Enable remote workforce

Enable Remote Workforce
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At this time, identifying the right employee policies and smart approaches to remote work emerge as the most important. 

Cloud ERP system is designed for “multi-tasking” environment that allows your employees to access data and other corporate resources from off-site locations on any device and at any time. 

Business can gain real-time financial and business process operations on a true cloud-based platform.

3. Provide a comprehensive disaster recovery

Provide a comprehensive disaster recovery
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In the response of the Covid–19 crisis, a business continuity plan will come in handy and limit the risks to your business functions. 

With cloud ERP system offers excellent business continuity capabilities through a single software solution. It provides comprehensive disaster recovery, security and uptime capabilities to company and the most remote subsidiary. 

In addition, the system has been coded to backup and restore of workloads across multiple global data centres, so you can be sure that your system will always be accessible.

PointStar’s Commitment

PointStar is committed to supporting your business throughout the course of Covid–19 pandemic. Our experienced team of ERP experts will guide and support your journey into the cloud and help you with Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation that will accommodate your future growth. 

As a cloud consulting company, PointStar has a full-fledged team of consultants to help companies and SMEs in Singapore. PointStar and Oracle NetSuite are working together to offer a starter version that allows companies in Singapore to buy the basic financial system of Oracle NetSuite – with options to expand out to other modules in the future.

This starter package includes customer relationship management, order management, purchase management, financial accounting, subsidiary management and Electronic Bank Payments.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Move your business forward with a true cloud ERP system today

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