The Role of iPaaS in Enabling Workato’s Automation Solution


While digital transformation is now a necessity for the survival of businesses in the digital age, its undertaking can often be riddled with complexities that, if not managed carefully, can spiral out of control and create new challenges. 

The arrival of software-as-a-service (SaaS) has eased the management of business processes with an array of best-in-class solutions to address different pain points. However, SaaS has also resulted in businesses having disparate sets of solutions, all operating in silos and needing to be worked on manually. 

Siloed data can result in lost opportunities due to the lack of a unified view that can help unlock insights, while the manual management of business processes often results in data duplication and human errors.

iPaaS to the Rescue

Heavy technical knowledge is normally required when IT teams engage in efforts to integrate different solutions or enable automations in an organisation. 

This is when the value of Integration Platform as a service (iPaaS) becomes evident. 

Workato is an iPaaS solution that enables companies to integrate various applications, systems, and data sources within the companies or with external partners. 

Workato is a low-code / no-code (LCNC) platform that provides tools and services that allow users to build integration between various systems and applications, and in turn specify how they would like automation to work.

Three Pillars of Workato’s Essential iPaaS Strategy

Unleash Innovation

Workato’s easy low-code / no-code integration and automation solution represents one of the best ways to unleash innovation in a business.

This is because, when users are empowered to create integration and automation, they often start at a position where they have a full understanding of the limitations of the present system and the scope of the solution they need. This provides plenty of room for them to explore and find long-term solutions without the need to worry about their lack of technical expertise.

This stands in stark contrast to the situation when IT tries to resolve the problem, as the knowledge they possess is not as thorough as that of the user, and IT may sometimes have a blinkered attitude where they devise solutions based on their perspective. This often does not necessarily provide a comprehensive resolution to business challenges.

Enhanced Security Through Increased Collaboration

When the stack of a company resembles a mountain consisting of different solutions, the job of the CIO in maintaining the sanctity of data, and ensuring security becomes challenging. 

Workato’s cloud platform ensures CIOs are able keep track of the integrations and automations being initiated. The role-based system also ensures CIOs only allow access to the right users based on their position in an organisation. This makes the job of tracking changes a lot easier as it all takes place on a single platform and it is initiated only by those empowered to do so.

Carefully Crafted Integration Ensures Smooth Operation

A common problem visible among businesses in the digital age is the stack of SaaS solutions that form the basis of their back office processes. Integrating them individually and independently serves to merely grow data siloes. In addition to that, integrations like these result in wonky solutions as they are not parked under a single cloud platform like how it is when you choose an iPaaS solution such as Workato.

By virtue of its cloud architecture and being an iPaaS solution, Workato’s integration also provide you with scalability that allows you to grow your system in parallel with your business growth. In short, this is a platform that fuels your seamless growth prospects.

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