A pharmaceutical giant in Vietnam


Vimedimex is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. Founded in 1984, Vimedimex has grown from strength to strength as a pharmaceutical drug maker, wholesale distributor and medical supplier in Vietnam, with an annual turnover of US$800 million.

Vimedimex’s wholesale and medical supplying arm serves 80,000 pharmacies scattered across 700 cities and 63 provinces in Vietnam, serving 10,000 communes and wards. To meet the increasing market demands of its customers, Vimedimex needed a system that would adhere to high industry standards for the traceability and storage of drugs during distribution.

With technology innovation, digital technology application, and customer experience at the heart of its digital transformation initiative, Vimedimex chose the Oracle NetSuite cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and worked with SuiteCloud Vietnam (PointStar Consulting Vietnam) as its implementation consultant.

Solution: Oracle NetSuite

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What they say

“Partnering with SuiteCloud (PointStar Vietnam) was a key factor in the successful implementation of automation initiatives at Vimedimex, while Oracle NetSuite has helped us automate labour-intensive, manual tasks and helped streamline our business processes, reduce costs, and improve our bottom line.” –  Le Xuan Tung, General Director, of Vimedimex.