BlackLine is a cloud accounting and financial software solution that aims to help businesses automate all their accounting and financial processes, while integrating all their data in a single source of truth.


As businesses in the digital age experience relentless growth, many find themselves using a wide-array of different solutions to manage their finances. This results in data from disparate sources, and manual management of key processes such as account reconciliations.

BlackLine helps businesses by automating accounting and finance processes such as account reconciliations.


Benefits of BlackLine Cloud Accounting
and Finance Software

Make sure balance sheet is complete and accurate

Standardise and streamline the month end close

A single source of truth

360-degree, real-time view of your accounting and financial processes

Reduce errors, avoid data duplication and increase efficiency through automation

Multi-company Consolidation

Multi-company management and subsidiary management in one centralised platform

Accelerate cash collection and optimise working capital

Orchestrate and automate ERP close activities

Account Reconciliation

For big businesses, managing account reconciliations can become tricky when their subsidiaries use different solutions and methods. BlackLine helps businesses establish a standardised template and workflows.

Manually managing the account reconciliation process in a highly disruptive business environment is not a practical solution anymore. BlackLine helps companies automate and manage every element of reconciliations and financial close.


Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 29,000 customers.

Features of BlackLine Cloud Accounting and Finance Software

How BlackLine delivers a purpose-built solution built onleading practices to get your business up and
running on close automation essentials quickly


The job of accounting and financial professionals is made even more arduous by the fact that hardly a single day passes by without news of authorities pondering on legislating new regulatory and compliance requirements for businesses to adhere to.

Task Management

BlackLine’s cloud solution for accounting and finance processes provides for taks configurations across its products and can be easily integrated into reconciliations and journals, thus ensuring the right set of sequence flow, and rollup of related activities.

Managing Subsidiaries

For companies in the highly disruptive technological age, it is often the case that there are multiple different stacks consisting of a cornucopia of different solutions across the different businesses within a parent company.

Journal Entry

BlackLine introduces the accounting and finance departments of businesses to automation rules which facilitate period-end entries to be put together and filled based on data rules and posted automatically, removing the need to manually key in the data.

Close Fast and Smarty

The financial close process is one that is bureaucratic and riddled with steps and dependencies which can often trip you up and cause mistakes or delay when manually done.

Transaction Matching

The comforts of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel can be seductive for new businesses. However, those who harbour hopes of achieving high-growth may find themselves struggling to cope with accounting processes such as transaction matching.

Cash Application

The cash application process is one of the most important in a business as it fills up the coffers of a company and enables them to quickly disburse the funds to make investments, award profits or fund the payroll.

Variance Analysis

BlackLine offers variance analysis automation that helps you calculate and identify account balance and activity fluctuations that enables you to continuously monitor you processes to identify risks, in addition to ensuring the effective and timely execution of critical management review controls.

AR Intelligence

The comforts of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel can be seductive for new businesses. However, those who harbour hopes of achieving high-growth may find themselves struggling to cope with accounting processes such as transaction matching.

Why Choose PointStar Consulting

PointStar Consulting is an award winning cloud services provider with over 12 years of experience in implementing cloud ERP projects and other solutions that help businesses realise the benefits of workflow automation.

Headquartered in Singapore, PointStar Consulting has since grown rapidly as the leading Oracle NetSuite solutions provider and Blackline Partner in the Asean and Asia Pacific regions, with clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

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