Benefits of Selecting an Oracle NetSuite Partner With a Local Presence

Oracle NetSuite Partner

In an age where remote working and work-from-home (WFH) have spawned their own jargon, it may sound a little out of place to accentuate the crucial role that the physical presence of people can have on businesses. 

Yet, Oracle NetSuite partners had learned long ago that theirs is an industry where direct, face-to-face, physical interaction with customers goes a long way towards delivering top-notch services to clients.

An Oracle NetSuite partner that serves various countries will always find itself in good stead. The experience of serving different markets, and helping customers implement the Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP system strengthens a partner’s knowledge of its customers locally. It also allows Oracle NetSuite partners to identify gaps in the solution they provide and venture into partnerships to fill these gaps and offer comprehensive solutions.

To ensure a successful venture to a market abroad, successful Oracle NetSuite partners often invest heavily in hiring local talent who provide intimacy and can relate to their clients’ needs.

Michelle Alphonso, CEO of PointStar Consulting, says knowing a product well enough alone is no guarantee of success. 

“We have learned that it is not enough just to know the product well, but it is important to have a local team,” said Michelle at the Oracle Netsuite Asia Conference 2022 recently.

“You do need to invest when you go out into different countries and encounter different cultures and languages. This will not just help you succeed in closing sales, but also ensure successful implementation of projects.”

Meanwhile, at the same event, PointStar Consulting bagged Oracle NetSuite’s Asia Solutions Provider Partner of the Year FY22, Asean New Logo Rockstar Award FY22, and Asean Top ARR Award FY22 honours.

Michelle paid tribute to the PointStar Consulting staff for their efforts, and added that Oracle NetSuite is an extension of the PointStar Consulting team as both have been working together for 11 years now.

“This award came about because of the hard work of the entire PointStar Consulting team. This is a team that has grown quite big over the years. So this award is really from all the hardwork from the guys in PointStar Consulting covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Shearwater for Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan markets,” she said.

“PointStar Consulting was one of the first partners of Oracle NetSuite in the region, and we grew up together with Oracle NetSuite. I see the Oracle NetSuite family as an extension of us because we have been working together for so long.” 

Why Work With An Oracle NetSuite Partner

As one of the pioneer batch of Oracle NetSuite partners, PointStar Consulting is held in high regards across the business industry in the Asean and wider Asia Pacific region. PointStar Consulting packs 13 years of experience in implementing cloud solutions, and 11 years experience in helping businesses realise the benefits of a cloud ERP such as Oracle NetSuite. Find out how we can help you!

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