Leveraging Cloud to Reshape Future of F&A Professionals


Technology is driving rapid changes in finance and accounting, or F&A as it is known by its abbreviation. As cutting-edge cloud solutions lead to the automation of work processes, finance and accounting professionals need to be primed to perform tasks that are less functional and more strategic.

The elimination of manual processes will not only ensure the removal of human errors and data duplication but also lead to increase in value-generation activities as your finance and accounting professionals train their sights on unlocking insights critical to the growth of your organisation.

Why the Cloud is Key to Reshaping the Future of Your Finance & Accounting Professionals?

There has been an increase in the use of F&A automation solutions which are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. 

Companies adopting cloud solutions see an increase in productivity as F&A professionals’s focus shift towards the growth agenda. On top of that, incorporating cloud-based technologies can strengthen collaboration and communication between team members, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

When Technology Does the Heavy Lifting, F&A Professionals Can Hone Vital Skills

Now that you have equipped your business with industry-leading cloud technology let’s look at key values you can inculcate in your F&A professionals.

Attention To Detail

When your F&A executives are freed from the vagaries of manual processes, skills such as having a sharp eye for details can be perfected, as their work involves analysing and interpreting large amounts of financial data, identifying discrepancies, and providing insights to support business decisions. 

F&A professionals will also be frequently faced with evolving regulations, legislation, and standards, requiring them to pay great attention to the smallest particulars. Therefore, F&A professionals must be current and precise to maintain compliance. 

Analytical Skills

Most cloud solutions for F&A do not just automate processes but also provide opportunities to unlock critical insights. Making sense of massive datasets, which requires strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and the capacity to draw sensible findings from their results becomes essential for your F&A professionals.

Your F&A professionals must be able to recognise trends, patterns, and anomalies in the data they analyse and then utilise this knowledge to make business-beneficial decisions.

Tech Savvy

The F&A industry is incredibly dynamic, with new regulations, technologies, and best practices always emerging. According to a Robert Half survey, 82% of CFOs now work more closely with their company’s CIO on business system upgrades, technology investments, cybersecurity, and digital transformation efforts. This collaboration enables businesses to spend in IT more intelligently and obtain digital tools for real-time insights.

Staying updated on emerging IT trends and understanding digital transformation is crucial for improving company efficiency and reducing risk. For example, your F&A professionals must know how to use cloud ERP systems and other specialised accounting solutions integrated with your cloud ERP. In short, to maximise productivity, they must become well-versed in various software apps.

Encourage Continuous Learning

Supporting your F&A professionals to take courses and stay abreast of the most recent industry developments will enable them to perform their tasks more efficiently. Investing in the learning and development of your F&A professionals guarantees that they are equipped to face future difficulties.

Staying current with industry trends is essential to ensure your F&A professionals are equipped for the future. Equip them with the tools to stay informed to ensure your company’s competitiveness in an industry undergoing fast change.


Top-notch F&A professionals are essential assets to any company. Investing in their future starts with investing in the best that cloud technology has to offer for finance and accounting processes automation. 

Success in this area can pay dividends, setting your company up for sustained growth while the industry evolves quickly. By applying these strategies, you can shape the careers of your F&A professionals and help your company maintain its competitive edge. 


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