Oracle NetSuite Prepares The Fintech Industry For Success


In recent years, the financial sectors have been influenced by innovation and competition, led by the fintech industry. Based on modern technology, these young companies have rapidly gained market share from smaller, more developed businesses.

Although the potential is massive, however, the cash inflow into fintech start-ups has meant increasing completion and forced new and old businesses to double down on operational excellence alike.

Fintech faces challenges, including product profitability, recruitment and retention of talent, risk management and compliance with myriad regulations, on many fronts. The margin-sensitivity and high-regulated financial industry is dangerous terrain for a business that is not founded on a stable and flexible back-end.

As the FinTech industry evolves, many brands are partnering with Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms to help bring their vision to the next level. NetSuite has a wealth of experience working with FinTech companies, PE and VC firms.

Download this datasheet to learn more or click here to learn more on Oracle Netsuite OneWorld.

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